About Louisa Seton


I was raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Growing up in Africa I was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultural diversity that enhanced my creative expression.

As a child I remember flying alongside my father in his light aircraft looking out the tiny window as we soared above the vast savannah, my sister and I counting the animals below. Growing up in the exotic hustle of Nairobi with wildlife on my doorstep I was blessed with a free and colourful childhood. I was also surrounded by a wide spectrum of ethnic and indigenous communities from a range of economic backgrounds, this inspired a deep interest and respect for the people I encountered and the ways in which they lived their lives.

Language, race and religion were never a cultural barrier; they rather stimulated a natural curiosity in me that went far beyond my formal education. It’s helped me traverse the globe and remain at ease with my camera in a number of unique situations.

The thrill of wild adventures, remote tribal communities and the wonder of nature all played their role in inspiring me to become a visual storyteller, my passion encouraging me to follow my creative purpose and be photographing out in the world, immersed in the stories. Photography brings me great joy and inner harmony and I love documenting the vast and intimate fabric of life.

I am especially interested in indigenous culture and ceremony. From a personal perspective I’m passionate about highlighting 'a peoples evolving' ability to adapt to the song of the land through constant change. My intention is to create graceful visual impact, while capturing and preserving the ancient tribal traditions and customs which over time when interwoven with 'modern day progress' slowly become diluted.

I can never truly convey my deep appreciation to these communities for allowing me into their worlds; their individual stories are as equally compelling as they are educational, not only bringing awareness and insight to me personally but to the collective as a whole.

5% of profits from all sales are donated to Operation Fistula that treats women with obstetric fistula with cost effective and restorative surgery, a cause that I'm immensely passionate about.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my collections and read my stories.

Louisa x



Louisa studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, South Africa, majoring in Photography. She went on to live and work in London. It was here that she won the 'Travel Photo of the Year', category 'Face to Face’ the largest photographic competition of its kind in Britain at the time. She held her first solo show in London in 2000 and has since staged several successful solo and joint exhibitions in Australia. Her exhibition ‘Out of Africa’ was a resounding success, with Patron of the Arts, James Erskine (of Liverpool Street Gallery in Sydney) buying up the entire collection before opening.

Louisa’s portrait and documentary photography has had worldwide acclaim and been published in coffee table books, appeared on the front cover of various magazines and newspapers; Pro Photo, African Geographic, the Daily Telegraph, CNN Travel, Social Documentary.com, Home Beautiful amongst other popular publications. She has won awards in various photographic competitions worldwide and was recently a finalist for 'Head On' 2017 Australia’s most prestigious portrait competition.

When Louisa is not on assignment or travelling, she lives and works as a freelance photographer in Sydney, Australia.